The Talent Trilogy

A series of books I've been working on since I was fifteen. The Talent Trilogy is about the titular character, a street juggler and his various friends and allies. There are thieves, mages, assassins, mage hunters, slavers, conspiracies and more for Talent to face, as his life gets turned on its head. The setting is a fairly traditional fantasy fare, and the books should appeal to people who like action packed, fast paced fantasy.

Book 1: Of Darkness and Thieves

 A juggler on the streets of Daragoth, Talent's life was far from dull. But being drawn into a war between the thieves is far from what he's used to. Now he'll have to face down thieves, assassins, and more - using only his wits, the help of his friends, and an alliance with two young mages in over their heads. It's winter in Daragoth - and the cold is the least of his worries.

 So far I've written the first draft of this book, which you can download for free here:


Feel free to read it and pass it along, and please give me feedback when you're done! 

The second draft will be posted here as I write:

Of Darkness and Thieves

But I'll let people know when it's done so they can get an easier to read copy then as well.

Book 2: Of Snow and Slavers

Talent's father has disappeared, and to find him he has to face the cold harsh north, and the hardy men and vicious slavers that live there. But does he want to be found? Meanwhile, Talent's friends must deal with the fallout from the events in Daragoth, and the ever darkening streets, that threaten to overwhelm him.

I've started writing the first draft for this one, but I'm not sure if I'll continue until I have a good look at the first book. Certain plot points I may wish to shift or completely eradicate. But the gist of it is right there in the summary, which will probably stay the same.

More to come later!

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